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Order information on contaminated land (HAIL report)

Tono he tuhinga paihana whenua

A HAIL ('Hazardous Activities and Industries List') report can tell you whether Council records contain any information on existing or potential contamination on a property. A property may be identified as having potential contamination if records indicate that the land has been used for one of the activities on the HAIL list. 

When to request a HAIL report

Regulations (NES) under the Resource Management Act 1991 require an assessment of potential contamination on land if you propose carrying out any of the following five activities on the property:

  • Subdivision
  • Change in land use
  • Soil disturbance
  • Removal of any underground fuel storage system
  • Soil sampling.

If any of these activities are proposed, you must determine whether or not a HAIL activity has occurred on the site.

You can do this by requesting a HAIL report through our Council; or you can get a suitably qualified and experienced contaminated land consultant to carry out a Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) in accordance with Ministry for the Environment (MfE) guidelines.

How to request a HAIL report

A HAIL report from the Council will cost $152.00 and can be requested online. 

Request online

Alternatively you can download the form in pdf format and email it directly to

Need assistance?

If you have questions please give us a call on 0800 492 452 and ask to speak to a Community Safety Support Officer or email