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Your council is committed to making sure you have excellent parking facilities within the district. Parking restrictions are imposed to ensure that people use car parks fairly. This ensures that whether you're shopping, operating a business or have specialised or mobility related parking needs, there is a car park available for you when you need it.

There are parking restrictions in the business areas of Huntly, Ngaruawahia and Raglan. These are all set out in our Parking Traffic Control and Public Places Bylaw 2007

Parking infringements

If the parking enforcement officer believes you have illegally parked your vehicle and violated one of the local parking bylaws or your vehicle does not meet the legal requirements for vehicles to be on the road as defined in the Transport Act and Traffic Regulations, you will be issued with an infringement notice by the on duty enforcement officer. This was probably left under your window wiper when you returned to your car.


You have 28 days to pay your fine. After this time, a reminder letter will be sent to the vehicle’s owner and if the fine remains unpaid after a further 28 days, it will be passed to the Court for collection. The Court will then add additional charges associated with its handling costs. The Court will then add additional charges associated with its handling costs.

If the driver of the vehicle wishes to make an explanation regarding the infringement, this can be made to our office, in writing, or using our online form (link below) within 28 days of receiving the notice.

Submit a parking infringement explanation

There are several ways to pay your parking fine, view all the payment options.  If you are using internet banking please use the notice number of your ticket as the reference number. This will ensure that your payment is able to be tracked.

For confirmation that your payment has been received and the infringement has been processed email

For information on parking fines, see our fees and charges.

Mobility parking

Mobility (disabled) parking spaces are available in Huntly, Raglan and Ngaruawahia.

Mobility parking spaces (outlined in yellow and displaying the wheelchair symbol) are provided for use by people with mobility-related impairments. 

These parking spaces may only be used by holders of Current Operation Mobility permits. If there is no permit displayed or the permit is invalid, an infringement notice will be issued.

The Mobility Parking Permit Scheme is an officially recognised concession-parking scheme owned and administered by CCS Disability Action with the co-operation of local GPs and all city and district councils.

Locate a mobility park

Huntly – Main Street and Station Place.  (View Google street map)

Raglan – Bow Street and Wainui Road.  (View Google street map)

Ngaruawahia – Town Centre, Galileo Street. (View Google street map)

Freedom Camping

Please be aware that if you are freedom camping, there are some things you need to know.

Find out more about Freedom Camping