Pool closure The main pool at Huntly Aquatic Centre will be CLOSED until Tuesday 3 October. The smaller and toddler pool will remain open.
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Camping in the Waikato

We are currently reviewing our Freedom Camping Bylaw. You'll find more information here

Be a responsible camper

Always poo in the loo

Use the toilet in your vehicle or a public toilet. View a list of our public toilets here
Grey water and toilet waste dump stations:

If you are driving a self-contained vehicle, please dispose of your grey water (sink and shower) and toilet waste in a safe and environmentally sound way at an approved dump station. It is recommended that you dispose of your waste every 2-3 days.

You’ll find dump stations in the following areas:

Do the right thing and bin it

Help to keep our environment free of litter and rubbish. Use a rubbish bin or take waste away with you. Where possible, re-use and recycle. Leave camping areas clean for those who come afterwards.

Respect the place you are in

Care for land, sea and nature – tread lightly and leave no trace. 

Think about the people around you. It is your responsibility to make sure you are not creating a nuisance for others. Turn the noise down at a reasonable hour at night. 

Act as a guardian

Protect and preserve our home. Follow the Tiaki Promise.