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Agendas, reports and minutes

All Council, Community Board and Committee meetings are formal meetings and held in keeping with standing orders.

Accessing our agenda and minutes will look a bit different from May 2024 onwards.  The tables below will hold the agenda, minutes and recordings of our Council meetings.  You can also use the search function. 

Click on the Council meeting name to access the documentation available for that particular meeting.   

If the meeting is being livestreamed, the word “LIVE” will show to the left of the meeting name during livestreaming and you can access this by clicking on the word ‘LIVE’. 

After the meeting, a recording of the meeting will be available and can be accessed by clicking the dark grey video button in the ‘Media’ column.    

Meetings prior to May 2024 can be found under the ‘Council’ and ‘Council Committees’ navigation list on the left of the screen.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email