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We are required to prepare a summary of original submissions and make this available to the public. Council’s summary was made public on 29 April 2019 and essentially lists the main points made by each submitter, including their reasons and what outcome they seek from the hearing panel’s decisions.

Summary of submissions and copy of submissions

The following documents are available in accordance with clause 7, schedule 1 of the RMA: 

  1. Summary of Submission by Submitter number. This is a summary of decisions requested by persons making submissions on the proposed plan (cl.7(1)(a)).
  2. The Summary of Submissions and copies of the original submissions can be inspected at Council libraries and offices

These documents include the original and omitted submissions.

The link below shows the full list of submitters. Each submitter has been assigned with a submitter number.  You will need this information if you wish to make a further submission.

Disclaimers: These additional documents and tools have been developed to assist you in understanding the submission points raised and to help you make further submissions. Waikato District Council has used its best endeavours to accurately interpret the relief sought in the submissions and in the development of these additional tools.  Waikato District Council cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information shown in these additional tools.  Waikato District Council is not liable for any errors, defects, emissions, claims or losses suffered by any person who seeks to rely on the information shown in the additional tools, for any purpose whatsoever.  It is recommended that all persons using the additional tools refer to the original submissions for full details.


We received nearly 1,000 submissions on the Proposed Waikato District Plan 2018 (Stage 1).  Each submission has been summarised to identify the decisions being requested by each submitter. 

We originally published the summary of submission and opened further submissions on April 29, 2019. 

The documents below are the complete submissions and summary of decisions requested.

This includes the submissions notified on April 29, 2019, as well as the new and corrected summary of submissions

On 18 June, 2019, we notified an additional summary of decisions requested 

The documents below list the submissions that were affected 

Additional submissions

Original submission documents that had technical issues

Complete summary of submissions by category, submitter and addresses