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What are the Ohinewai rezoning submissions? 
Council received a submission from Ambury Properties Limited to the Proposed District Plan (Stage 1) seeking to rezone 176 hectares in Ohinewai as Industrial, Business and Residential zoning. Ambury Properties Limited sought from the independent Hearings Panel that its submission be heard six months earlier than was scheduled, with an earlier decision on its submission. The Hearings Panel held a pre-hearing to discuss this matter, along with five other submitters also seeking rezoning in and around Ohinewai. 
The Hearings Panel formed the preliminary view that they would agree to Ambury’s request, subject to several procedural modifications. The key outcomes of the pre-hearing conference are: 
  • That all the submissions requesting zoning changes for Ohinewai should be considered at the same hearing; 
  • Development of a comprehensive process is needed to ensure that the reporting planners can make informed recommendations. The detailed technical assessment to support the rezoning will need to be received by Council by 1 December 2019 to allow Council to analyse the information and form recommendations, and a hearing is scheduled for 8 June 2020; and 
  • The submissions on Ohinewai will be re-notified for further submissions to ensure that all interested parties (that meet the Resource Management Act requirements for a further submitter) can participate in the hearing.
In order to ensure that all parties with an interest in the Ohinewai rezoning submissions can participate in Hearing 19 Ohinewai rezoning, the Hearings Panel has directed that the six original submissions seeking rezoning at Ohinewai be re-notified for further submissions. 
The submissions seeking rezoning in Ohinewai include:
•            Ambury Properties Limited [764]
•            Planning Focus Limited [383]
•            Shand Properties Limited [738]
•            Ohinewai Land Limited [428]
•            Ohinewai Area Committee [793]
•            Ribbonwood Family Trust [863] 
Who can make a further submission? 
A further submission can only support or oppose an original submission. It cannot extend the scope of an original submission. The RMA specifies that the following persons are able to make a further submission:
  • Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest
  • Any person that has an interested in the proposed plan greater than the interest the general public has
Anyone who has already lodged a further submission on any of the six submissions does not need to re-lodge their further submission. However, they can lodge an amended (replacement) further submission, if they wish.
When do the further submissions close for the Ohinewai rezoning submissions? 
The closing date for further submissions on Ohinewai rezoning submissions is 5.00pm 7 November 2019

Further submissions