Rivers and lakes

Ngaa Awa me Ngaa Roto

The Waikato River flowing through Ngaruawahia

We have a number of rivers and lakes throughout the district that are managed by either the Waikato District Council or the Department of Conservation.

Waikato District Council manages the following lakes:

Horsham Downs and Rotokauri

Lake Kainui and Lake Rotokauri are peat lakes that provide recreational opportunities and also have important ecological values.

  • Lake Kainui is located in Horsham Downs and is available for fishing, hunting, and some on-water recreational activities. Access key is $120.00 per season (October-May) - $21.00 refundable on return of key.
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  • Lake Rotokauri is a popular venue for walking and other passive activities, such as picnicking.
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Huntly contains three Council managed lakes, which can be used for recreational activities.

  • Lake Puketirini is a newly formed lake that has been developed from a disused coal-mined pit, and is now part of Puketirini, a Waikato District Council owned park. Lake Puketirini is available for activities such as kayaking, waka ama, boating, and water-skiing. Walking and cycling around the lake are also popular recreational activities. This lake has very good water quality. Recreational boating - access key $100.00 per season (October-May) - $21.00 refundable on return of key.
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  • Lake Waahi is popular for boating activities and picnicking.
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  • Lake Hakanoa is often used for fishing and walking.
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For information about non-Council managed lakes contact the Department of Conservation and for information regarding the management of lakes within the Waikato region contact the Waikato Regional Council.

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