Waikato District Council Animal Control team

There are many benefits to owning animals, including companionship and friendship. Waikato District Council encourages responsible animal ownership – find out what your obligations and responsibilities are as a dog or stock owner.

In this section
  • Report a dog or stock issue

    Find out what to do if there is a threat to animals or public safety and how to report a dog barking and roaming stock.

  • Dog registration and microchipping

    To help keep dogs safe and enable us to reunite lost dogs with owners, all dogs are required by law to be microchipped and registered. Here you can apply to register and microchip your dog, as well as let us know when you details have changed.

  • Dog de-sexing

    We recommend that dogs be desexed if they are not intended for breeding. Dogs that are de-sexed are more sociable (and less aggressive), don’t wander/roam, are healthier and live longer.Learn more about desexing and if you are eligible for subsidised desexing.

  • Adoption and pound info

    Find out how to adopt a dog available for rehoming from one of the Waikato district's pounds.

  • Walking your dog

    There are many off-leash dog exercise areas in the Waikato district, find out where your local dog park is here.

  • Dog owner responsibilities

    As good dog owners, it is your responsibility to provide the love, care and attention necessary to make sure our pets are happy, safe and healthy.

  • Dirty Dog Challenge