Dog registrations

Pay your registration online and be in to win!

It's important to register your dog every year as part of being a responsible dog owner. If you're new to dog ownership or have recently got a new dog, complete our dog registration application form (see below) and email it back to us. (Note, if you're adopting a dog off someone else - you'll need a change of ownership form - also provided in the list below).

If you’re already a registered dog owner, you should receive a renewal notice in the mail each year, along with the latest information about our Dog Control Policy and Bylaw (see below) plus an easy guide to paying your registration fee online. If you didn’t receive your annual renewal notice, contact us straight away.

Dog registrations 2017/18

Make online payment

Has your dog been de-sexed in the last 12 months? 

Attach written proof or a copy of your dog’s de-sexing certificate when you register your dog and you will get a year’s free dog registration.

This is subject to the following condition:

  • The dog is not classified as a dangerous dog that has been required to be neutered or spayed under provisions set out in the Dog Control Amendment Act 2003.
  • Written proof is provided by a certified veterinary surgeon who has adequately described the dog involved.

Registration fee refunds  - deceased dogs

You can apply for a refund if your dog passes away. You need to notify us using our Dog Maintenance Form and specifically request a refund (see forms below). Do this as soon as possible, as the refunds are calculated on the number of full months left in the current registration year, taken from the date we receive your application. You can also notify us in writing (see contact us for our postal address) - or email us.

Note that refunds are not available if your dog dies in the last registration period, changes ownership, left the district, reported lost or stolen, or you sign your dog over to Animal Control. 

Approved, selected and farm owners

If you are a “good dog owner” and your dog has not been reported to Council or impounded for the past two years then you should already be classed as an approved dog owner and receive a discounted dog registration fee.

If you own two or more dogs and meet the approved dog owner criteria then you can also apply to become a selected owner or farm owner. If you meet our criteria for either of these then your dog registration fee will be further discounted.

To learn more or to apply visit our Dog owner classifications page.

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Key facts

You're required by law to register your dog. The registration information about your dog goes onto a national register and this helps in the location and identification of owners in the case of wandering, lost or stolen dogs. It is also helps keep track of dogs who have changed owners or districts, this gives us the ability to locate and identify dogs, and to confirm their ownership.

Dog registration periods are the same across all councils, running from 1 July to 30 June every year. Registration renewal fees are due by 20 July each year to receive the prompt payment discount. You'll find all the forms you might need listed above.  Most dogs also need to be microchipped - check out the criteria.

  • All dogs must be registered before they turn three months old.
  • They should be registered at the address where they spend most of the time.
  • If you're under 16 years of age, the dog must be registered under your parent's or guardian's name.
  • Your dog must wear a colour coded registration tag at all times, to show it has been registered for that year.
  • The tag colours are changed each year. If your dog is lost, he or she can be quickly identified using the registration tag.
  • You will need to state your date of birth - so you can be distinguished from other people with the same name.
  • You need to notify us if the address for you and/or your dog changes within the Waikato district or if your dog changes ownership (a fine of $100 is payable if you fail to do so).
  • If your dog is registered with us and you are transferring to another council area, you need to let us know. You need to fill in a transfer form and attach your dog's registration tag, so the new council can issue a replacement one if there are any remaining months left in the current registration year. You can also apply to have any special ownership category transferred - for example, if your dog is registered under our Farm Owner Policy or Selected Owner Policy (more details above).
  • If you are transferring to another council area and your dog is not yet registered - no need to see us - just register it with the new council.

If you don't register your dog:

  • you might be issued with a $300 infringement notice
  • your dog might be seized and/or impounded
  • you might be prosecuted.

When an unregistered dog is seized and then a seizure fee will also apply -  and you will need to registered your dog before we can release it back to you.

Dog registration renewals that remain unpaid as from 20 July will have the full fee applied. 

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