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Dog de-sexing

Poka raho aa kurii

Did you know that undesexed dogs are at significantly higher risk for cancer, aggression, fatal infections, wandering and other health and behavioural issues? Not only is that very bad for your pooch, but it's also bad for your wallet!

For every human born there are 15 dogs born? That's a lot of puppies plus there are also thousands of dogs in rescues and pounds all over the country. The only way to prevent unwanted puppies and dogs is through desexing.

We recommend that dogs be desexed if they are not intended for breeding. Dogs that are de-sexed are more sociable (and less aggressive), don’t wander/roam, are healthier and live longer.

Lots of healthy animals in New Zealand are euthanised each year due to the over population. In many cases, animals are bred by accident.


Waikato District Council can help you desex your dog with our PUP Fund programme!

You pay only $80, and we'll cover the rest! Contact us on 0800 492 452 today to book in!

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Dogs must live in the Waikato District Council area.
  • Owner must have a community services or gold card (please contact us if you do not have either and are in financial hardship).
  • You must use one of our vet clinics, we will sort your appointment for you.