Dog de-sexing

We recommend that dogs be desexed if they are not intended for breeding. Dogs that are de-sexed are more sociable (and less aggressive), don’t wander/roam, are healthier and live longer.

Lots of healthy animals in New Zealand are euthanised each year due to the over population. In many cases, animals are bred by accident.

Subsidised de-sexing 

We are currently offering subsidised de-sexing for classified menacing dogs including pit bulls and pit bull crosses thanks to funding which has been provided by central government as part of the national strategy to reduce the risk and harm of dog attacks.

Dog owners will only need to pay $70 for their dog (male or female) to be de-sexed and the remainder of the fee will be covered by the funding.

Contact us today if you are interested in this offer so you don't miss out. Phone 0800 492 452, email or message us on Facebook.

If your dog does not meet the criteria above than alternative funding may be available from either DC Rescue Dogs or Hurrah Desexy Revolution.

How to receive one year free registration 

Attach written proof or a copy of your dog’s de-sexing certificate when you register your dog and you will get a year’s free dog registration.

This is subject to the following condition:

  • The dog is not classified as a dangerous dog that has been required to be neutered or spayed under provisions set out in the Dog Control Amendment Act 2003.
  • Written proof is provided by a certified veterinary surgeon who has adequately described the dog involved.
Dog de-sexing education videos