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Buying a licensed premises

Hoko ana he waahi raihana

A temporary authority enables a new owner of licensed premises to continue selling or supplying alcohol until their own licence is issued. A temporary authority can only be issued if there is an existing licence in force for the premises.

The new owner may have a temporary authority issued for up to three months while they apply for their own licence. It is expected that they apply for the new licence shortly after any temporary licence is granted. A further temporary authority may not be granted if, unless there is good reason, a complete application for a new licence is not received within the temporary authority period.

When applying for a licence, new owners taking over licensed premises need to supply Council-issued certificates confirming the proposed use of the premises meets requirements of the Resource Management Act (RMA) and the building code.  New owners are advised to apply for these certificates immediately the business purchase is confirmed and before the temporary authority is issued.  Applying for the certificates and temporary authority at the same time is recommended.  

Anyone holding a temporary authority has the same duties, obligations and liabilities under the Act as the person who actually holds the licence for those premises. There is no automatic entitlement to the hours and conditions stated on any current alcohol licence.  In the same way as conditions may be applied to a licence the committee may issue a temporary authority with conditions as it thinks fit. 

Application and Fees

When applying for a temporary authority proof of the applicant’s right or interest in the premises or business is required. For example a signed lease agreement for the premises or a sale and purchase agreement for the business.

An application form can be sent to you by contacting us or downloaded below.

The fee for a temporary authority is $296.70.  This is non refundable.