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District Licensing Committee

Raihana aa takiwaa komiti

The Council's District Licensing Committee (DLC) is the group that looks at applications for alcohol licenses and managers' certificates in the Waikato district. It also makes decisions as to whether a licence or certificate is granted.

Decisions about applications for a licence or a certificate are made at meetings of the DLC. The quorum required to determine an unopposed application for, or renewal of, a licence or manager's certificate is one member, who must be the chairperson. 

The quorum required at all other meetings of the committee is three members, made up of  the chairperson and two members appointed from a list of persons approved as members. A deputy chairperson is also appointed to act as chairperson when required.

Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson

  • Noel Smith, Councillor for the Newcastle Ward, is the Chairperson of the DLC
  • Jacqui Church, Councillor for the Awaroa ki Tuakau Ward, is the deputy chairperson.


The approved list of members is:

  • Patsi Davies
  • Michael Cameron (Commissioner)
  • Andrew Baker (Commissioner)
  • Janet Williams
  • Chrissy Hodkinson
  • Barry Smedts
  • Jason Howarth

Decisions of the Committee

All DLC decisions from 1 July 2014 are available. A copy of earlier decisions may be requested from the alcohol licensing team.