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Manager's certificate

Tiwhikete menetia

When alcohol is being sold or supplied on licensed premises a manager is required to be on duty.

Managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act and the conditions of the licence. Managers are required to hold a manager's certificate issued by a District Licensing Committee or the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority. Manager’s certificates are portable so that you can be appointed as a manager at any licensed premises in New Zealand.

Applicants for a manager’s certificate must have completed an approved training course and hold the Licence Controller Qualification issued by ServiceIQ.  Relevant experience in the industry is also considered when applying.

Types of manager's certificate

There is now only one type of manager's certificate which enables a person to manage any licensed premises.

Anyone applying for a manager’s certificate must hold a prescribed qualification known as the Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ) issued by ServiceIQ. The qualification is obtained by completing the two NZQA unit standards 4646 (Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act) and 16705 (Host Responsibility) and applying to ServiceIQ for the LCQ.

Notification of appointment as manager

It is a requirement that any appointment or termination of appointment of a manager for premises is notified to us and the police nearest to the premises.  Licensees must keep a record of every manager appointed for the premises.  Information required to recorded is detailed in 24 - 26 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 2013.


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