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Complaints about a food business

Kooamuamu e paa ana ki teetehi pakihi kai

Call us on 0800 492 452 if you have concerns or complaints about food premises relating to:

  • premises cleanliness
  • rubbish dumped outside the premises
  • food display or storage
  • food hygiene practices
  • foreign object found in food
  • smells coming from a food premises
  • food safety issues
  • registration certificate not on display
  • Illegal operation of food business.

If you think you have a foodborne illness as a result of food you have purchased and eaten, refer to  the “making a food complaint” section of the Ministry for Primary Industries website.

We do not handle complaints about the quality of service, or the palatability or presentation of food.  These issues should be raised with the premises' management.


The Food Act requires the Council to undertake compliance and monitoring activities across the District.

Food Safety officers appointed by the Council have a variety of powers such as seizing or detaining any article believed to contravene food law, the closure of a food premises until it complies with the requirements of the law and in worst cases, prosecution.