Waikato District Council is committed to helping our communities run smoothly. We provide a range of services and facilities to the community and the rates you pay allow us to do this. 

There are about 30,000 properties in the district on which rates are payable for maintaining 2,434kms of roads, 51 neighbourhood reserves, 43 sports parks, 12 skate parks, six libraries, three swimming pools, and for the planning, licensing and other services that the Council supplies.  Our targeted rates also help cover assets like 31 water reservoirs, 10 water treatment plants, 9 wastewater treatment plants, 34 community halls, as well as the refuse services that we supply.

Your rates will change in the 2018/19 year for two reasons:

  1. Long Term Plan: Our new Long Term Plan and budget for the next 10 years means the Council’s total General Rate requirement has gone up 6.4%. Targeted rates for services such as water, wastewater and refuse have also gone up by varying amounts.  The effect on your property depends on what type of property you own (residential, lifestyle, rural, commercial or industrial), your property value and the services you receive.  Find out more about the Long Term Plan.
  2. Property revaluation by Quotable Valuation NZ (QV): While property values rose by an average of 33.7% last year (2017/18), your General Rate does NOT change by the same amount. Revaluation acts like a see-saw – it shifts the balance in the way rates are distributed. There is generally no change if you are in the middle, but if your property value moved higher or lower than the average, then this will serve to move your General Rate up or down accordingly. (Please note that targeted rates are not applied on the basis of property values.) Find out more about how your rates are calculated.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions about your rates for 2018/19. If you need to know more, please contact the Rates Team on 0800 492 452 or email rates@waidc.govt.nz


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