Waikato District Council is committed to helping our communities run smoothly. We provide a range of services and facilities to the community and the rates you pay allow us to do this. Your rates go towards libraries, parks, rubbish collections, animal control, roading, water and more. Further information on rates can be found in the Long Term Plan and in the Annual Plan.

If you have a question about your rates please contact the Rates Team on 0800 492 452.

In this section
  • How to pay your rates

    Find out how to pay rates for your property in the Waikato district.

  • How your rates are calculated

    Find out how your property rates are calculated in the Waikato district.

  • Rates rebates

    Find out about property rates rebates in the Waikato district.

  • Rates remission

    Get information on your eligibility for rates remissions in the Waikato district (i.e. by a reduction in the amount owing/or waiving the collection of rates altogether).

  • Property revaluation

    Every three years we are required to revalue all the properties in the Waikato district. We employ Quotable Value Ltd (QV) to undertake this process and the new rating value will be used to calculate your rates from the start of the next rating year, from 1 July 2018.

  • Rates Information Database