Property revaluation

Please note there has been a further delay with our service provider and we're waiting for the go-ahead - we expect to send revaluation letters in April. We will update this page once we have more information from the Office of the Valuer-General (OVG).

Every three years we are required to revalue all the properties in the Waikato district. We employ Quotable Value Ltd (QV) to undertake this process and the new rating value is used to calculate your rates.

The current rating values are a reflection of what a seller might have expected to receive if they sold the property at the time of the revaluation (1 July 2017) excluding chattels (eg. furniture, personal items). A change in your rateable value does not mean rates for your property will change by a similar percentage.

The rating valuation is only one part in determining the total rates you will pay. We do not collect more rating income as a result of increased property values or less rating income if values decrease.


2021-2024 property revaluation

Our valuers started the district wide revaluation process in October 2020. They will begin with the Lifestyle and Residential properties first and go on from there.

Quotable Values will be travelling in unmarked vehicles but will carry ID as well as their QV Business cards. The valuation work will be done kerbside, however, if staff have to enter the property they will knock on the door first to introduce themselves.

Once the valuers have assessed all properties in the district, property owners will be sent a letter advising them of their new property value. This was expected in February however, our service provider has some delays following the growth after the 2020 lockdown. We now expect the revaluation in March and plan to send letters once this is confirmed.