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How your rates are calculated

Waikato District Council charges rates which are used to provide important community infrastructure and programmes. Rates are collected in a number of different areas that are made up of the following categories.

General Rate

The general rate is used to fund council activities that are deemed to benefit all Waikato district ratepayers and on activities which user pays are not applied.  Council allocates the general rate based on the capital value of properties.

For the 2023/24 year Council charged a general rate of $229.20 per $100,000 of capital value. For example, if your capital value is $300,000 you will be charged a general rate of $687.60.

Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC)

A UAGC of $462.55, which is not linked to property values, will be assessed per rating unit for the 2023/24 year.

Community Facility Targeted Rate

Council has set a targeted rate for the purpose of covering the costs of maintenance and operation of halls and community facilities in the respective defined rating areas. This charge is set per rating unit within the catchment area. The targeted rates are specific to individual areas and are set as a fixed charge across each catchment area.

Capital Contribution Targeted Rate

The Council has set targeted rate charges for the purpose of funding the capital cost and interest charges of specific capital works.

Water Targeted Rate

The targeted water rate funds the supply of water to properties that receive, or are capable of receiving a water supply.

Wastewater Targeted Rates

The targeted wastewater rate funds sewage disposal for the properties that are connected or able to be connected to the wastewater network.

Urban Stormwater Targeted Rate

The Council has set a targeted rate to fund expenditure on stormwater activities for stormwater catchments in urban centres based on the availability of drainage to land and is set on a fixed charge basis.

Refuse Collection Targeted Rate

The targeted refuse collection rate funds the costs of household refuse collection, recycling and disposal within the defined rating areas.

Land Drainage Targeted Rate

The targeted land drainage rate funds the collection and disposal of stormwater within defined rating areas.

Contiguous Properties

Two or more rating units may be treated as one unit for setting a rate if those units are:

  • Owned by the same person or persons; and
  • Used jointly as a single unit; and
  • Contiguous or separated only by a road, railway, drain, water race, river or stream.