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Rates remission

A rates remission is the process of reducing the amount of money owed to a rate bill or waiving the bill altogether.

There are three reasons why ratepayers and organisations may be granted a rate remission. These include:

  • Cultural purposes.
  • Sporting organisations.
  • Religious organisations.

You need to apply for rates remission in writing and state why you should receive a remission on your rates (General Rate and UAGC). Please note, service charges will still apply. Requests for a remission should be referred to the Rates Administrator and if the request for remission is approved, this will take effect from the next rating year.

Apply for remission of property rates

Council remission policies:

For information on our remission policies, please refer to page 126 – 133 of the Long Term Plan.

If you would like to know more about your rates please contact the Rates Team on 07 824 8633.

Rates remission and postponement policies