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Water restrictions

Current water restrictions

Tuakau and Pokeno: Stage one water restrictions.

Residential water users: 

  • Use hand-held hoses and water blasting devices so long as they are fitted with trigger nozzles. 

Commercial water users can:

  • Use hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle
  • Use a regular hose for health, safety, emergency and biosecurity reasons
  • Operate a car wash service
  • Water sports fields, plants and paddocks using irrigation systems fitted with soil moisture sensors or rain sensors.

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Tauwhare, Gordonton, Matangi, Tamahere, Newstead/Eureka, Wallace Road and Stonebridge Estate: No restrictions

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Rest of the Waikato district: No restrictions.

Tuakau and Pokeno water restrictions 

Restrictions are in place for Tuakau and Pokeno as the water supply for these areas is provided by Auckland's metropolitan network.

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Watercare metro supply map


Why are the restrictions necessary?
Since the start of 2020, the Auckland region has received significantly less rainfall than normal. This is having a big impact on their water supply and the total volume of water stored in their dams dropped below 50 per cent for the first time in more than 25 years. We need to preserve what’s left. Please use water wisely and reduce wastage of this precious resource. 
Why are restrictions being implemented at this time of year?
Most of the time, water restrictions are imposed by councils in summer to manage ‘peak’ demand. This is when a community’s demand for water is greater than the capacity of their local treatment plant. Tuakau and Pokeno are supplied by Auckland and due to the severe 2020 drought, we need to implement Auckland water restrictions in these areas to ensure the best-use of the water there is left – until the drought breaks. 
What is the latest weather forecast?

Between November 2019 and May 2020, Auckland received 40 per cent less rain than normal.

As at 30 August 2021, the total water storage is 65.07%.

What is Watercare doing to manage the situation?

Watercare has been maximising production at their Waikato and Onehunga water treatment plants and have been delivering up to 170 million litres of water a day. Without these vital plants, Auckland would be out of water by now. 

Watercare have been expanding the Waikato Water Treatment Plant step-by-step to stay ahead of population growth. When it was first built in 2002, it produced 50 million litres of water a day. Since then, there have been five upgrades so that it can now produce 150 million litres a day. 

How can you help?

Even though you might live in Pokeno and Tuakau, which is in the Waikato district, your water comes from Auckland and therefore the restrictions need to apply to you. Please do everything you can to save water.

It’s important you understand the seriousness of water shortages and droughts as well as your role in preserving the water supply.