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Mike the meter

Not everyone is connected to the Council's water infrastructure. Those ratepayers who are connected currently pay for their water via a targeted rate and by water consumption. The targeted rate is a fixed amount and is the same for everyone, irrespective of how much water is used.

Council has installed about 6,000 water meters in the, Huntly, Raglan and Ngaruawahia area over the past year.  As part of this work it was identified that several hundred properties required further works and our contractors are currently investigating the scope of this work

From 1 July the new installed metered properties will see a change in their rating bill, please see How am I charged for water page?

At the moment, customers who already have water meters are billed six monthly.

It's important to note that Councils, by law, are only allowed to recover the costs of treating, supplying and disposing of water. Councils are not allowed to make a profit on water.