Water supply

Water alert level one

The water supply process starts with the consented collection of water from multiple sources including the Waikato River, groundwater sources and the Maraetai Stream in Port Waikato. 

These source waters generally contain a number of impurities which require treatment before it becomes suitable for household supply. Council is responsible for ensuring the supply of 'potable' (drinkable) water to our ratepayers.

Water supply and wastewater are two infrastructure considerations you need to consider in relation to obtaining consents when developing land, building or renovating. Find out more in land and property and see the water supply and wastewater forms below for more information.

In this section
  • Our network

    Find out more about our water supply network, treated and fluoridated drinking water in the Waikato district and why flushing out household pipes is important if they've not been used for a while.

  • Water meters

    Not everyone is connected to the Council's water infrastructure. Those ratepayers who are connected currently pay for their water via a targeted rate and by water consumption.

  • Rain tanks

    Find out if you need a rain water tank, what consents are needed and how to maintain the water quality in your water tank.

  • Water Safety Plans

    The value of having a Water Safety Plan is to think about what risks could exist in the supply and how to avoid them.

  • Water alert levels


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