Horotiu Industrial Bridge

Horotiu is a small rural town based just off State Highway 1, 8 kilometres (km) north of Hamilton and about 9km south of Ngaruawahia. As well as being an outlying suburb of the city, Horotiu is home to Northgate, a significant business park covering 109 hectares. 

 Nearly 800 people live in Horotiu (768 – Census March 2013). The town is also connected to Hamilton by the Te Awa River Ride. The Ride is a recently-created $1.5 million boardwalk for walking, running and cycling, Its development is ongoing, with further stages along the Waikato River.

The business park’s location in Horotiu is ideal due to its exceptional major road and rail links, especially as the park is only120 kilometres (km) from the ports of Auckland and Tauranga. Another significant employer in the area is AFFCO. AFFCO’s head office and one of its many meat processing facilities is based in Horotiu. This facility is one of the most modern beef processing plants in the southern hemisphere.

Waikato District Council in Horotiu

The nearest office and library are located in Ngaruawahia. 

Ngaruawahia office (Head Office)
Phone: 0800 492 452
15 Galileo Street, Ngaruawahia 3720
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Ngaruawahia library
Phone: 07 824 5905
4 Jesmond Street, Ngaruawahia
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Amenities and services

Here's a summary of what you'll find in Horotiu:

  • Broadband available
  • Churches
  • Halls
  • Sports clubs and venues
  • Horotiu bus services (inter-regional only)
  • Close to Waikato Hospital (in Hamilton)
  • Local governance via the Waikato District Council.

Nearest other amenities and services outside Horotiu:

Libraries, medical centres, dentists and elderly care facilities are nearby in Hamilton or Ngaruawahia.


Horotiu Playcentre and Horotiu Primary School are based in the town itself. There are also a few playcentres and primary schools in the surrounding areas such as Te Kowhai, Ngaruawahia and Te Rapa. 

Most students then go on to attend high schools in Hamilton. More details on these schools are available online at:


More about Horotiu and the Waikato district

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