View of the walk bridge in Raglan
Raglan (Maaori name: Whaingaroa) is a coastal town to the west of Hamilton, home to over 3,000 people (3,279 – Census 2018). With three surf beaches and a beautiful natural harbour, it’s known for its famous surf breaks, arts and crafts, fashion, cafes and restaurants. Raglan is also an attractive base for a number of artists and it hosts a wide range of entertainment events throughout the year. 

While there is a large number of Raglan folk working locally, a significant number make the short commute to work in Hamilton, 46 kilometres away. As well as being a popular place to live, the town’s attractions and activities draw people to Raglan from New Zealand and beyond. Visitors to the town in summer increase the town’s population by around 300-400 per cent.

Waikato District Council in Raglan

Raglan office and library
Phone: 07 825 8929
7 Bow Street, Raglan 3225
Opening hours
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Amenities and services

Here's a summary of what you'll find in Raglan:

  • Broadband available
  • Raglan Library
  • Nine churches
  • Retirement home
  • Raglan Town Hall
  • Sports clubs and venues, including clubs for surfing, sailing and waka (Maaori canoe) activities
  • Raglan bus services (inter-regional only)
  • Two medical centres and one dentist. Elderly care - Raglan Hospital and Resthome
  • Close to Waikato Hospital (in Hamilton)
  • Local governance via the Waikato District Council and the Raglan Community Board.


One playcentre, five primary schools (years 1 to 8) and one area school which provides for both primary and secondary education (years 1 to 13). Public bus services between Raglan and Hamilton are available for students travelling to secondary schools in Hamilton.

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