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Meremere snapshot

Meremere is a settlement approximately 30 kilometres (km) north of Huntly and almost exactly halfway between Hamilton and Auckland (62km north of Hamilton: 63km south of Auckland). Nearly 500 people live there (468 – Census March 2013). There is also easy access to either the east coast at Miranda or the west coast at Port Waikato, both within 30 minutes’ drive.

Meremere is also just north of the Whangamarino wetlands, a significant environmental feature in the north Waikato. This wetlands area is the second largest peat bog and swamp complex in the North Island. Established as a Ramsar site in 1989, this wetlands area has been developed further since the late 1990s. Managed by the Department of Conservation, it is also the site of the first National Wetland Trail established in New Zealand.

While Meremere is a significant historic site in relation to the New Zealand land wars, the township itself began to grow back in the 1950s when the Meremere power station was built. However, when the station was decommissioned in the 1990s, the population fell again due to the resulting drop in employment opportunities. However, more employment opportunities opened up later with the development of the nearby Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Springhill Corrections Facility and the Hampton Downs Landfill. 

The Meremere Dragway also continues the strong motor sporting theme for the area, with the venue hosting many events throughout the year, including Import All-Stars, 4&Rotary Nationals, Nostalgia Drags, the IHRA Championships and Nightspeed Dragwars. As a result, both Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and the Meremere Dragway regularly attract large numbers of motorsport participants and followers to the area.

Living in Meremere but working elsewhere has also become more feasible in recent years due to its position alongside the Waikato Expressway. This means Meremere is well-connected for travelling to either Auckland or Hamilton and places in between. The Expressway is the major four-lane state highway roading network linking Auckland to Hamilton and further south. 

Amenities and services

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in Meremere:

  • Broadband available
  • Meremere Hall – replaced with a new building in 2015
  • Meremere Library
  • Sports clubs and venues with an emphasis on motor sports due to the nearby Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and the Meremere Dragway. Meremere bus services (inter-regional only)
  • Local governance via the Waikato District Council and the Meremere Community Committee.

Nearest other amenities and services outside Meremere:

The nearest medical centres, healthcare facilities and elderly care facilities and rest homes are in Te Kauwhata (14.5km south) or Tuakau (20km northwest). Hospitals are available in Hamilton or Auckland.

Nearest churches are in Tuakau and Pokeno. 


There is one primary school in Meremere (years 1 to 6). 

Playcentres and kindergartens are available in the neighbouring towns of Tuakau, Pokeno, Huntly and Maramarua. The nearest secondary schools are in Te Kauwhata, Tuakau or Huntly.

More about Meremere and the Waikato district

Meremere bus timetables – BUSIT! 
(‘Hamilton - Te Kauwhata - Meremere - Pukekohe’ route).

The Open Waikato website also has a wealth of background information on the Waikato district, whether you're building or developing here; thinking of moving here; or wanting to know about businesses, industry, current projects and developments, case studies, demographics, land values, migration, population and other future projections for the district or a specific area within it.

Take a quick tour with Mayor Allan Sanson as he explains why you should visit, live and invest in the Waikato district. 

Find out more about iwi in our district and land and property including planning, development, resource consents and building consents.

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