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Whāingaroa Wharf Projects

Important: The boat ramp at the Raglan wharf will be temporarily closed for two hours on Thursday 8 September from 11am-1pm. Find out more below.

In 2019, Waikato District Council and the Raglan Community Board received funding from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) for the redevelopment of the Whāingaroa wharf and wider harbour.

This funding has been allocated to four exciting projects, which are underway to transform the wharf and wider harbour now and in the future.

Latest News: Construction starting soon!

Work is now underway at the Raglan wharf!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy setting up scaffolding and a site office in preparation for the under-wharf maintenance work needed to ensure the wharf remains in good condition for many years to come. We have also been putting up signage to let you know what to expect while work is underway.

What is coming up?

Boat ramp closure

The boat ramp at the Raglan wharf will be temporarily closed for two hours on Thursday 8 September from 11am-1pm.

We will be delivering a 12-tonne barge to the wharf and launching it into the water. This will serve as a working platform for the under wharf structural repairs housing all the equipment needed to carry out this work such as high-pressured pumps for hyrdo-demolition and concrete application gear.

It will be delivered to the wharf by truck and lifted into the water by crane.

For safety reasons, while we carry this out, the area around the boat ramp will be cordoned off and there will be staff on site to redirect vehicles.

Once in the water, the barge will be maneuvered around to the Dolphin Pier where it will be moored until the repair works are complete.

Hydro-demolition underway

Once the barge is in place, we are expecting to start hydro-demolition on the underside of the wharf from Monday 12 September 2022.

This will involve using specialist highly pressurised equipment to remove small areas of concrete which have degraded over time.

While this work is underway, we’ll close off small areas of the wharf above where we will be working for safety reasons. Initially this is likely to be around the Dolphin Pier.

There will be a lot of noise produced by this work. We will keep this between the hours of 8am-5pm on weekdays and from 8.30am-12pm on the occasional Saturday.

Find out more

Find out more about what to expect while work is underway here.

The Pontoon Design and Build

We know our community loves the water and everything to do with it, whether it’s for recreational activities like fishing, gathering kaimoana and boating, or for commercial activities.

We also know how busy the wharf and existing pontoon can become – particularly during peak season, and how there is more demand than ever for space to load and unload boats and jet skis.

That’s why we are looking to construct a new pontoon at the eastern side of the wharf.

A second pontoon will give the wharf more capacity for the community who rely on the water to live, work and travel, while making the harbour more accessible for recreational, rescue and commercial activities.

What’s happening now?

We’ve sourced more than 440 tonnes of volcanic basalt paddock boulders from the Te Uku Wind Farm which will be used to create a sea wall revetment at the eastern side of the wharf as part of the construction of the eastern walkway and kayak ramp.

Not only are these rocks locally sourced, which reduces carbon emissions to transport them, but they are also great for the marine environment. Basalt rocks are very dense and have excellent weathering properties which makes them a lot longer lasting than other rock alternatives. They encourage the growth of algae which, over time, will create an intertidal marine environment that will be full of life.


The rocks have been delivered to a site adjacent to Te Mata Quarry where they will sit until we start construction in mid-October 2022.

Previous updates

All going to plan, we’ll be starting the construction of the new pontoon from September 2022. At the same time, we’ll also construct a walkway and kayak ramp at the eastern side of the wharf.

We’ll start by building up the existing seawall with rocks and then laying asphalt and concrete for the walkway and kayak ramp. We’ll also use a deep-sea ocean drill to put three piles in place which will hold the new pontoon.

We’re still in the process of applying for consent to construct the pontoon, but if it is approved in the coming months we expect to have the walkway, kayak ramp and piles complete before Christmas.

The pontoon itself will be built off-site and then brought to the site by truck and lifted by crane into position early in the new year.

We’ll keep you updated as we progress with this exciting project.

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