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Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan (LTP) is a key strategic plan that New Zealand councils are required to develop under the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA).

A Council’s LTP outlines the Council’s activities and how they are managed, delivered and funded (including proposed rate increases).

Under the LGA, councils must consult with their community on the LTP (or 10-year plan) every three years.

What are our priorities for the Waikato district? 

Our vision is:

Liveable, Thriving and Connected Communities | He noohanga aahuru, he iwi whai ora, he hapori tuuhono tahi

Our community outcomes are:

Supporting our communities | Kia tautoko ki a taatou Haapori

Building our economy | Ka hanga a taatou Oohanga

Sustaining our environment | Kia toituu to taatou Taiao

Working together with you | Kia mahi tahi taatou

Providing value for money | Ka whai painga mo te puutea

These community outcomes guide our decision-making to improve Waikato district’s social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing. They are aspirational statements and recognise that other agencies and the community itself are part of meeting those goals.

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Long Term Plan 2024 - 2034

Work on our draft 2024-2034 Long Term Plan (LTP) is well underway, but we’ve pushed pause for a moment to dot out I’s and cross our t’s.

In February 2024, central government provided local councils with the flexibility to develop an 'Enhanced Annual Plan’ for the 2024/25 financial year instead of consulting on their 2024-2034 Long Term Plans. This means that we have an additional 12 months for our planning due to changes in legislation regarding the Water Service Act Bill and the evolving political landscape.

This approach provides more time to address immediate challenges in our district, particularly concerning water infrastructure, Waka Kotahi funding, affordability, and QV rates revaluation timelines.

It also allows more time to gain a better certainty about the government’s next steps regarding initiatives such as ‘Local Water Done well.’ This aligns our planning with broader government objectives.

The 2024/25 Annual Plan will outline our activities, projects, programmes, priorities, and initiatives for the next 12 months - and their rating impacts.

It will provide insight into our decision-making processes, where our resources are being allocated, and how we will response to community wants and needs. Basically, it outlines year one of the 2024-2034 Long-Term Plan, and will be much the same as our typical Annual Plan.

The decision to defer the 2024-2034 LTP was made with our communities in mind. We’re committed to enhancing community wellbeing and building a stronger future together, and remain focused on our vision of creating vibrant, connected, and inclusive communities by providing essential services and infrastructure.

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