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Our vision for the Waikato district

What is an LTP all about? 

The Long Term Plan (LTP) sets out our vision, direction, work plan and budgets for the next 10 years. With input from our communities, we develop a new LTP every three years – we currently refer to the 2018-2028 LTP and will adopt the 2021-2031 LTP in June 2021.  

Every LTP requires a lot of love – there are multiple planning and consultation phases before a final version is adopted. We engage with a range of stakeholders, including iwi and haapu, elected members, community groups and the wider community to ensure we capture the aspirations and needs from everyone who lives, works and plays in the Waikato district. 


The journey so far 

Our role has evolved over time – while we used to only deliver core services like water and roads, we now also have a responsibility to support our communities’ environmental, social, cultural and economic wellbeing. With this in mind, we need to balance what we can deliver with rates affordability.  
2020 was a challenging year and this LTP development will reflect those challenges. We need to respond to the impacts of COVID-19, upcoming legislative reform in the waters space and national policy statements that relate to urban development and freshwater management. 

This LTP will be transformational – our district is growing at a huge rate and we need to keep up with this growth while also making sure our communities are desirable places to live.  

What’s still to come 

We need your help – big vision plans need to be a collaboration between the Council, community, partners and stakeholders to make sure we all get the best outcomes. The LTP affects you, your whaanau, your neighbours, even your dog. 

This LTP will need to respond to the needs of the district, balancing affordability with adding value and enhancing community wellbeing – so we can all work towards a better, and more resilient, future together. 


Have your say 

Have your say on the 2021-31 Long Term Plan between 7 April and 7 May 2021. Hearings will then follow.

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We look forward to working with you. 


Long Term Plan 2018 - 2028


What will life be like in the Waikato in 2028?

This is the question we ask every three years when we update the Long Term Plan (LTP) which sets the direction we’re heading in for the next 10 years.

The LTP describes our proposed activities across the district and outlines how the activities will be managed, delivered and funded.

The Council has now adopted the Long Term Plan 2018-28. Our refreshed vision – to create liveable, thriving and connected communities - and the following five themes are our guideposts for working with you to plan and build the district we want to have in 2028.

More info:
Supporting our communities
Building our economy
Sustaining our environment
Working together
Value for money

Submissions received and considered

We received more than 700 submissions on the Long Term Plan before consultation closed on 16 April 2018. You can find a copy of all submissions below along with the Consultation Document which outlined the key points in the draft plan, including our infrastructure and financial strategies, and the impact on rates.

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