Our vision for the Waikato district

What will life be like in the Waikato in 2028?

This is the question we ask every three years when we update the Long Term Plan (LTP) which sets the direction we’re heading in for the next 10 years.

The LTP describes our proposed activities across the district and outlines how the activities will be managed, delivered and funded.

The Council has now adopted the Long Term Plan 2018-28. Our refreshed vision – to create liveable, thriving and connected communities - and the following five themes are our guideposts for working with you to plan and build the district we want to have in 2028.

Click on the vision above to find out more about the communities we want to build together.  Click on the theme below to learn more about why it is important and what it will mean for your future.


Submissions received and considered

We received more than 700 submissions on the Long Term Plan before consultation closed on 16 April 2018. You can find a copy of all submissions below along with the Consultation Document which outlined the key points in the draft plan, including our infrastructure and financial strategies, and the impact on rates.

Check the impact on your rates here

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