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Long Term Plan

Our journey to the Long-Term Plan 2024-34

Every three years, Council sets about developing a Long-Term Plan (LTP) in consultation with their communities. The LTP is a key strategic planning document that sets out the vision, financial and infrastructure strategies, key financial policies, community outcomes, levels of service, work plans and budgets for the next 10 years.

While Council must have a long-term view to be able to make sound decisions and plan well for them, 10 years is a long time, and a lot of things can change. So, every three years the plan is refreshed for the next decade to make sure it is still fit for purpose.

With several changes in the economic conditions within which Council is operating, there has been a need to consider how these factors impact the proposed budgets for 2023/24 and especially how we will continue to balance delivery for our communities with affordability.

It’s that time again and we’ll soon be coming out to talk to you about Council’s Community Outcome Statements and asking for your feedback and input. These community outcomes are focus areas that Council use to help shape the development of our LTP.   

Every LTP requires a lot of love – there are multiple planning and consultation phases before a final version is adopted. We engage with a range of stakeholders, including iwi and hapuu, elected members, community groups and the wider community to ensure we capture the aspirations and needs from everyone who lives, works and plays in the Waikato district. 

We’ll be hitting the road in May but don’t have our exact dates set yet so please keep back here and social media pages for updates. If there are any events planned in your community that could host an LTP Community Outcomes session, please let us know.  

Eehara taaku toa I te toa takitahi, eengari he toa takitini
Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many. 

Our vision for the Waikato district
More info:
Supporting our communities
Building our economy
Sustaining our environment
Working together
Value for money

Long Term Plan 2021-31 - full document

Long Term Plan - by section

An introduction to our vision and a summary of the key decisions
Financial Strategy 

The financial strategy outlines the Council’s overall approach to managing its finances. The financial strategy sets our limits on rates increases and debt, illustrates the overall financial implications of the decisions made in the LTP, and is key in demonstrating prudent financial management.

Infrastructure Strategy

The Infrastructure Strategy shows how Council plans to manage its assets prudently and sustainably through future periods of growth and other pressures. A 30-year strategy provides long-term thinking to significant decisions around investment in infrastructure.

Significant Forecasting Assumptions

Details the assumptions the Council has made that underpin the projected financial and non-financial plans in this document.

What we do

Provides information on each activity that Council undertakes and for each activity outlines the key objectives and drivers, contribution to community outcomes, key projects for the 10-year period, performance measures and financial and asset management information.


All financial statements underpinning this Long Term Plan.

Policies and plans

Council’s key policies including the:

  • Significance and Engagement policy,
  • Revenue and Financing Policy,
  • Policy on Maaori Participation in Decision Making and
  • Rate Remission and Postponement Policies.
Statement of Council-Controlled Organisations

Explains what Council’s four Council-Controlled Operations (CCOs) do, and how their performance is measured.

Audit Opinion

As required by the Local Government Act 2002, the Long Term Plan has been audited by the Office of the Auditor General.

Long Term Plan submissions, hearings, deliberations and adoption reports and minutes


Adoption of the Long Term Plan 2021-31 and Other Matters - 28 June 2021


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