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Reserve event application form

Use this form to book a reserve for an event. 

Applicant's details

Contact persons details


Event details

i.e. Why are you holding it.

Environmental Health

Please tick all boxes applicable to your event.

Trading (Sale or distribution of goods, flyers, services, collecting money etc.)
Will you be providing portaloos?
Noise (Amplified)
Do you expect waste to be generated by your event?
If yes, identify any waste streams and how these will be diverted from landfill or recycled?

If you require assistance please contact Pat Cronin.

Environmental Health may require further information in respect of the sale of food, noise or the provision of sanitary facilities

Reserve Utilities

Do you require lighting?
Do you require access to existing toilets?
Do you require a key to access the reserve?

If you require a key to access a reserve or lake, please fill out a reserves and key bond form.

A deposit of $100.00 or a specified bond amount is payable to Waikato District Council in advance of receiving the key. Key deposits will be refunded after the reserve has been inspected and if the reserve/ lake is left in good order. Please allow 10 working days. Keys to be returned the next working day after the event. Penalty for late return of keys is $21 per working day. (Please note a cheque or purchase order is not acceptable for the bond)

Will Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones be operating?
Does your event include fireworks and/special effects?
If yes, please show that you have sufficient public liability insurance and that work safe NZ is notified of the firework display. You will also need to apply for a test certificate from the Test Certifiers of Pyrotechnics, who issue test certificates to hold a firework display.


Will there be any amusement devices at the event (e.g. bouncy castles, inflatable slides/obstacle courses, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds etc.)?

Traffic Management and Parking

Are you applying to close a road? (90 days’ notice required)
Does your event involve any activities on a road?

If yes to any of the above, please provide a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) prepared and signed by a qualified Temporary Traffic Management Planner (see the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management website for more information) and apply for a Works Access Permit (WAP) through the  submitica website where the TMP is uploaded.

Consents and licences

Depending on the nature and scale of the event, additional consents or licences may be required. The answers you have provided on this form will help us to assess your application and advise you of any consents or licences that you may need to obtain before the event can go ahead. The event organiser is solely responsible for ensuring relevant Health and Safety requirements are met.

The Council does not warrant that the property selected for the event is appropriate. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, by holding an event on Council property, the event organiser agrees that the Council is not liable for any loss, claims, damages or legal action arising directly or indirectly from the event. The event organiser shall indemnify the Council against any loss, claims, damages or legal action arising directly or indirectly from the event.


Event Booking Rules

Event Health and Safety

The organiser is required to complete the health and safety Hazard Register for all events. Please fill out the Hazard Register and send it to


Public Liability Insurance

Waikato District Council may request the event organiser to obtain Public Liability Insurance.  This will provide protection against claims for compensation in respect of unexpected and unintended personal injury or property damage for which they may be legally liable arising out of their business activities.


Privacy Act 1993

The information collected in this form will be used to ensure the effective facilitation of your event/activity.  It will be distributed to other Council departments, external agencies and will be used for public information as required. 

Related documents

Event Rules

Event Health and Safety

Do you agree to abide to the Event Rules and Health and Safety guidelines above? (Required)
I declare that the information that I have provided to the Council concerning the size and nature of the event is true and accurate. If any significant changes to the event occur, I will inform the Council immediately. I understand I am responsible for the health and safety of people at the event as stated in the event rules as listed above. I will operate the event in accordance with the hazard management plan contained in the hazard register. I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the standard terms and conditions for the use of Council parks, reserves, squares or facilities for low-risk events. (Required)
Do you agree that the information supplied with this application is true and correct according to the best of your knowledge? Do you, the applicant, agree to abide by any conditions, which Waikato District Council may impose on the exercise of its grant of this application? (Required)