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Application for drone use on council reserves

Applicants must fill out the form below and provide all the following information as part of their application:

Applicants must provide the following information when making an application:

  • Proposed site
  • Proposed date/s and time/s (Note: applications for more than 6 days consecutively at any time will not be granted)
  • Reason for request (e.g., recreation, commercial, private, or sporting event)
  • Outline what alternative (non-reserve) sites have been investigated, and why they aren’t suitable
  • What consideration has been given to safety and other users/neighbouring properties?

Reserves that are within 4km of an airfield require additional information.

Complete the below application:

Contact Information


Property owner

Is this application associated to an event
If Yes, have you filled in the Event form

Flight information

Commercial, sporting, event, personal, other


Reserve name or physical address


Make/model; weight; dimensions

Is your craft greater than 25kg
Are you flying within 4km of a controlled airspace
Will it be a shielded operation?
I have read and understood the 101 guidelines (Required)
I can confirm the above information is accurate and correct (Required)


The policy states that a fee may be charged when exemptions are granted. A fee may be applied as per below: