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What you need to apply for food registration

Whakamoohiotanga mo teetehi kai reehita tono

Before you start any work on your premises or have plans drawn up have a look at the basic setting up requirements to ensure you will comply with the requirements of the Food Regulations 2015 and Food Notices 2015.

Depending on the scope of your food business you will likely need to operate under one of the risk based measures, either a Food Control Plan (FCP) or a National Programme (NP).  For more information and to determine the appropriate risk based measure for your business, use the tool on the New Zealand Food Safety website

Your application submission should consist of:

  • A completed application for registration of a food business. This a legal document and must be completed properly.
  • A completed scope of operations of food business.  Note: you only need to complete the scope of operations form that relates to your food business. Use the tool on the New Zealand Food Safety website to find out what form to complete. 


  • An accurate plan of the premises outlining rooms and their uses; incidental features such as yard areas, staff changing and tea rooms etc.; position of all major appliances including extractor ventilation hoods; and a schedule of finishes detailing materials to be used for walls, floors, ceilings and bench surfaces. An architect or designer who has previous experience in designing food premises will be able to help you with a plan.
  • The required fee – see below for details.

Please remember it is an offence to open for business prior to gaining registration.


Fees and charges

Food businesses operating under Food Act 2014

Application for registration of Food Control Plan $400
Renewal of registration of Food Control Plan (before expiry of current registration)$175
Application for registration to National Programme$295
Renewal for National Food Control Plan $175

For more please refer to Environmental Health, in our Fees and Charges.

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