Annual Plan 2017/2018

Every three years we consult with you to produce a Long Term Plan that sets out the projects, activities, and services that will be invested in and developed by Council over the following 10 years. The Annual Plan is Council’s budget for one financial year, explaining how the Council will fund projects, activities and services identified for that year.  The Annual Plan 2017/18 represents year three of the 2015-25 Long Term Plan.

We are planning to do more work on our wastewater systems than we committed to when we prepared our Long Term Plan because we want to meet your expectations - as we understand them to be – for protecting our environment from wastewater spills.  We currently meet the level of wastewater service agreed with you in our current Long Term Plan, but we have to acknowledge and address the criticism levelled at the Council last year following three spills into Raglan Harbour within four months. We commissioned an independent report, the Jacobs Report, to examine our wastewater services, and have developed some options to consider as a result of this report.

These options show that wastewater rates will rise by between $47 and $254 from 1 July depending on where you live and the option that we choose together.

We have sent a consultation document to nearly 11,000 of our 33,000 district ratepayers, ie. those who benefit from reticulated wastewater services and who pay a targeted rate for these services, and we thank you for your feedback. The period for feedback is now closed as of 9am, 15 May 2017.

NOTE: If you have a septic tank, and do NOT pay a wastewater rate, this change does not affect you.

We are not consulting with ratepayers on any other parts of our Annual Plan since there are no other significant changes to the work programmes we agreed with you in our 2015-25 Long Term Plan. However we’ll still be out talking to you about the other work we’re doing - and engaging with you about projects in your area as we start them.

For specific information about what’s happening in your area, please see our Long Term Plan.

2017/18 projects

Click on the documents below to see some of the key projects that will be happening in your area in 2017/18.

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