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Draft Annual Plan 2023/24 

Every three years, Council sets about developing a Long-Term Plan (LTP) in consultation with you, our community. The LTP is a key strategic planning document that sets out the community vision, work plans and budgets for the next 10 years.

While Council must have a long-term view to be able to make sound decisions and plan well for them, 10 years is a long time, and a lot of things can change.

So, every three years this plan is refreshed for the next decade to make sure it is still fit for purpose. This is due to take place next year.

In the intervening years between long-term plans, Council produces an Annual Plan, as a means to check in on how things are going and where we might need to make some changes to keep delivering the services that our communities need and expect.

We all know the world has changed a lot since 2020. With the continuing uncertainties in our economy and the impacts of inflation, rising interest rates, and recovery costs for damage caused by recent weather events, Council have had to take the step to agree on a general rate increase for the draft Annual Plan for 2023/24 which is higher than our indicated rate rise of 3.5 per cent (as set out in the LTP 2021-2031).

That general rate increase that has been agreed upon by Council is 7%.

The 2023/24 Annual Plan will be adopted at the 28 June Council meeting, after which the plan will be published on our website.

Find out what this increase means for you

This 7% general rate increase scheduled for 2023/24 applies across the district but the dollar amount of the increase will vary depending on the capital value of your property.

You can find out what this means for you using our online rates information database to search for your property rating details. Just key in your address under the Property Search heading.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information or to find out how to get support please have a look at FAQs. Or call 0800 492 452.


Targeted rates changes for 2023/24

Targeted rates will increase in 2023/24 at a rate in line with what was signalled in Year 3 of the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan.

Exceptions to this are:


The Tamahere Community is being consulted with on a proposed annual targeted rate from 2023/24 to help fund restoration work in the Tamahere Gully Network. View more information.


An annual targeted rate of $70 is also being introduced for the Whatawhata community from 2023/24. This is to cover ongoing operational and capital works costs of the Wahatawhata Community Facility.


The existing Huntly community facilities targeted rate of $42 in rates notice is made up of $18 for council-run facilities, $16 for the Huntly pool and $8 for the Huntly Memorial Hall Committee for operating costs. From 1 July 2023, the $8 will now show on the rates notice as a separate rate line to provide consistency with how other community halls are funded.

A broader hall capital maintenance programme is being looked at in readiness for the 2024-2034 Long Term Plan, at which time the targeted rate may undergo further review. 

Current Annual Plan

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