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Huntly train station

Raahui Pookeka

Huntly Train Station

The Raahui Pookeka | Huntly rail station has had a variety of upgrades over the past twelve months, to provide high quality shelter, security cameras (CCTV) and lighting. These upgrades are important for our residents and others who utilise the Te Huia service regularly. There is also a park and ride facility next to the station, which is accessible from Glasgow Street.

The Te Huia rail service runs from Hamilton through to The Strand, with stops in Rotokauri, Huntly | Raahui Pookeka, Papakura and Puhinui.

For up to date travel times and further information about the Te Huia service, please refer directly to the timetable, or download the Transit App.

It takes approximately 1 hour and 56 minutes to travel from Huntly | Raahui Pookeka to The Strand.

Weekday Huntly | Raahui Pookeka - The Strand  
Depart Raahui Pookeka | HuntlyArrive The Strand
Weekday The Strand - Raahui Pookeka | Huntly 
Depart The StrandArrive Raahui Pookeka | Huntly


Waikato District Council have been responsible for all upgrades of Raahui Pookeka | Huntly rail station, and there are still works being undertaken. Currently the project team is working hard to relocate the historic Huntly railway station building from the Lake Puketirini reserve to the newly refurbished station. The relocation of the building is likely to happen in April 2023.