Port Waikato erosion

Port Waikato erosion - September 2019

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Sunset Beach Car Park Update – 22 October 2019

Following the significant erosion that has occurred recently at Port Waikato, Council is providing fortnightly (or as needed) updates to the community about the situation and plans going forward.

Thanks to those people who gave us feedback regarding the car park at Sunset Beach. We received three emails to the Projects team and people at the Proposed District Plan meeting talked to us about the car park too.

We acknowledge there are residents who do not want any money spent on the car park but we do have an obligation to at least put some low-cost temporary measures in place to ease congestion in and around the car park and make it as safe as possible for the public to use.

With the long weekend coming up, and the associated increase in traffic, we intend to do it this week.

We will put a one-way system in place at the car park. (see diagram) This involves moving the safety fence back to a safe distance from the eroding edge, creating a gravel accessway through from Ocean View Rd to the car park, putting in signage indicating where the new temporary entry to the car park is and narrowing the new exit. At this stage there is no sealing work being done.

The reason why the one-way system is from Ocean View Rd is that there are safety concerns with traffic exiting onto Ocean View Rd. There is a dip on the right as a car would turn out into the road which would have become a safety issue.

The wooden fence that is being moved back this week is relocatable and it is less expensive to put it up again rather than continue hiring the temporary orange safety barriers. The timber is screwed into the posts and all the current materials will be reused.

We stress that this work on the car park is temporary and low cost. We also know that summer car parking will continue to be an issue in Port Waikato, made worse by the fact that the public parking available is decreased.

We’ve had some great suggestions from the public about potential long-term car parking solutions looking beyond this Labour Day weekend.

Back in 2015/16 the recommended option from the GHD report was to purchase private land on Centreway Rd and create a car park there. The problem was the cost involved with that option and back then Sylvia’s Café was not operating and we are confident that the local community would not want to see Sylvia’s make way for a car park.

So there is some work ahead to be done in this area but it will be just one part of the planning and work that is needed in Port Waikato regarding the effects of erosion.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions please email our Community Resillience Team at IMT@waidc.govt.nz 

R1 Port Waikato carpark

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