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How to check for water leaks

If your water bill unexpectedly increases but your water usage has not changed, it could mean you have a leak.

To check for a leak, turn off your taps on your property. If water use dial is still spinning, you have a leak and need to call a plumber.

If you are unable to find the leak, we suggest you contact a licensed plumber to detect and repair the leak for you. 

How to apply for water relief 

Water relief can be applied when there is an undetectable leak on a property; you could have your bill discounted by half of the excess*.

To apply for water relief, please complete the Application for Water Relief form online or download it and post it or email to ( with a copy of your plumbers invoice or a statement of what work has been done to fix the leak.

Contact the waters team at Council on 0800 492 452 or email to see if you are eligible.

*An undetectable leak does not cover things such as a leaking tap, overflowing cistern, hot water cylinder exhausts or stock troughs. 

Apply for water relief