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How do I read my water meter?

Knowing how to read your water meter can be useful if you think there may be a leak somewhere on your property or to confirm that the latest meter reading on your bill is accurate.

1. Locate your meter

Your water meter is usually just inside your front boundary, in a blue plastic box.

2. Open

Lift the lid and you should see the meter dial. You may need to remove leaves and debris, or flip up the protective cover, to read the register.

Water meter - locate and open

3. Read

a.  Standard gate valve
This can be used to turn off water to your property. This can be either red or a T-bar bronze tap.

b.  Water meter ID

c.  Black background
The digits with the black background show the cubic metres used and this is used for billing purposes. 

d. Red background
The digits with the red background show the litres used.

e. Water use dial
If the dial is spinning, then water is being used.

How to read a water meter