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How much am I charged for water?

A water metered property is read and charged every six months. Every cubic metre of water flowing through your meter is charged for.

There are two parts to the connected water supply charges:

  • A fixed targeted rate of $344.35 for 2022/23
  • A fee per cubic metre used, those with water meters is $2.18 per cubic metre of water for 2022/23 rating year.

This covers the treatment, distribution, and management of water supply to ensure that when water reaches consumers, it is free from harmful organisms and meets water supply standards.  

For more information about water related charges view our full Fees and Charges Schedule.

Is your water usage normal?

Compare your households daily water consumption with the table below.

Household sizeLower UseUpper use

1000 litres = 1 cubic meter (m3)

* These figures are based on responsible household water use. The lower figures are based on indoor water use only. The higher figures are based on indoor use, plus a standard sized garden and lawn which are efficiently watered.

If your invoice is higher than usual, you may have a water leak. Find out how to check for leaks here.

Metered Water Due Dates

Covering the financial period 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022.

meter readings

The property owner is responsible for water rates payment. A penalty of 10 per cent may be added to any unpaid balance.

View a full list of payment options.


Making it easier

Set-up a direct debit

Water rates can be paid by weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly direct debit. For a direct debit you can complete the online form or phone or email Council.

Change your address

All address changes are required to be in writing. Please advise any changes to your details by emailing or write to our Ngaruawahia Office.