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Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board (Disbanded)

Following the Representation Review in 2021 the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board has been disestablished and is now being represented by Tuakau Community Board, Rural-Port Waikato Community Board - North Subdivision and Rural-Port Waikato Community Board - South Subdivision.


Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board

Location: Location: Zoom - Audio-Visual Conference, Tuakau
The Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board’s role is to express the community’s views on local issues to the Council.

The Board meets on a six-weekly cycle with meetings scheduled to start at 6.00pm.  Public forum will be the first item on the agenda after commencement of the meeting.

All members of the public are invited to attend.

Please Note:

Due to Covid-19, we are using Zoom to record and live-stream workshops and meetings that are open to the public. These live-streams can be viewed on the Council's YouTube page.

Details of the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board and its agendas can be viewed on the Council’s website. 

Video recordings of meetings can also be accessed on under 'Agendas.' below, after the meeting has been held.