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Our visiona safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury

Nationally we are striving to reduce death and serious harm on the roads, here in the Waikato district alone reported crashes result in an average of eight deaths and 2019 injuries (59 of them serious) each year. 

The social cost of these crashes is estimated to be between $73 million and $77 million annually.

This is an unacceptable cost to our community. We’re working to achieve a safer road system through:

  • safe roads and roadsides – investing over $3 million annually on road safety improvements
  • safe road use –providing road safety education programmes including skills training and road user  awareness of road safety issues
  • safe speeds – reviewing speed limits particularly where people live, work and go to school
  • safe vehicles – we promote the use of safer vehicles and take part in regional advocacy for improving a safer vehicle fleet nationally.

Report issues

If you notice an issue with a road, please report it as soon as possible.

Report an issue

or phone 0800 492 452