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Speed limit amendments

Council adopted the latest round of proposed amendments to the Speed Limit Bylaw 2011 bylaw at its meeting on 23 May 2022.

This means lower speed limits will be introduced to a number of roads throughout the district from July 2022.

Making the streets safer where we live was the main driver behind these speed limit reductions. 

Feedback during consultation showed a majority of support for the proposed speeds and most were adopted.

A major change from this round of amendments is that all schools in the district, both rural and urban, will now have a variable reduced speed limit area of 40kmh between 8am-9am and 2.30pm-3.30pm.  

Physical works to implement the new speed reductions are taking place over the next few months. Keep an eye out for any new speed signs in your area.

Where are the speed limit reductions?

To find out where the roads are that have had a speed limit reduction. Click on the link below and zoom in on the map. (Speed limit signs indicate where the latest round of amendments have been made)

Map with speed limit changes

There is also a list of roads in the Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 with 2022 amendments document at the bottom of this page.

Don't forget...

Lowering speed limits is just one tool used to make our roads safer – other tools include; significant investment in capital road safety improvements, changes to intersection controls, street lighting, road marking and signage as well as driver education programmes.