How can I use less water?

When thinking about reducing your water usage remember the 5 R’s Smart Water code:

Reduce - Look for ways to use less water.

Repair - Fix leaks fast.

Replace - When renovating or building, choose the most water-efficient appliances you can.

Retrofit - Change your current appliance’s water efficiency by adding a feature that doesn’t limit performance but reduces water use.

Reuse - Catch rainwater or grey water (from the shower) and use for pot plants and the garden.\

Free water saving service

Is your water meter reading higher than you expected?

This could mean you have a water leak or there’s something else going on with appliances or the way you are using water.

Our water advisor Chris, can visit your home and check all of your household appliances and advise on ways to save water.

Where possible, Chris will retrofit a range of free water-saving devices including flow restrictors, tap aerators, shower timers and toilet flush restrictors.

To book a free visit from Chris, free phone 0800492452 or email

Smart Water

The Smart Water Starts with You! sub-regional summer campaign aims to make long-term change to how we use water and is a joint venture between Waikato District Council, Hamilton City Council, and Waipa District Council.

Check out the Smart Water website for more information and water saving tips. 

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