Taupiri Community Board

The Community Boards meeting details can be found on our Events page.  Please contact the Democracy Team if you have any queries.

The Taupiri Community Board’s role is to express the community’s views on local issues to the Council.

The Board meets on a six-weekly cycle with meetings scheduled to start at 6.00pm. Public forum will be the first item on the agenda after commencement of the meeting.

Meetings are held in the Memorial Hall, Greenlane Road, Taupiri.

All members of the public are invited to attend.

Chair: Dorothy Lovell

Deputy Chair: Rudy van Dam

For more information contact the Deputy General Manager Service Delivery Roger MacCulloch or the Democracy Team on any matters relating to the Taupiri Community Board agenda.

The Community Board meeting schedule 2020

  • Monday. 10 February;
  • Monday, 23 March;
  • Monday, 4 May;
  • Monday, 15 June;
  • Monday, 27 July;
  • Monday, 7 September;
  • Tuesday, 19 October; and
  • Monday, 30 November.

Taupiri Community Board

Dorothy Lovell
E: dlynlovell@gmail.com
M: 0274507454

Howard Lovell
E: howardlovell@gmail.com
M: 0275047927

Joanne Morley
E: jomorley@gmail.com
M: 0274789178

Sharnay Cocup
E: sharnay1995@hotmail.com
M: 027 272 4275

Jacqueline Henry
E: henry.j@slingshot.co.nz
M: 027 601 5859

Rudy Van Dam
E: ravandam56@gmail.com
M: 021 239 9220

Cr Janet Gibb
E: janet.gibb@waidc.govt.nz
M: 027 475 3397

Cr Eugene Patterson
E: eugene.patterson@waidc.govt.nz
M: 027 448 8488

Taupiri Community Board Meeting

Location: Memorial Hall, Greenlane Rd, Taupiri
Date: 06:00PM  –  07:00PM Mon, 10 Jun 2019

The Taupiri Community Board meets on the second Monday of each month, except January, April, July, October and December. 

The meetings are scheduled to start at 6.00pm with a public forum being considered as the first item on the agenda.  Meetings are held in the Memorial Hall, Greenlane Road, Taupiri.