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Building the economy


Why focus on this?

We want our district to be a place where people love to live, work and play.

The Waikato district should be a place where you can find a career as well as a good lifestyle.

We need to focus on building our economy because housing growth and a growing population means we need more businesses and jobs to make our district a thriving, vibrant place to be.

The nature of work is changing and we need to be agile and able to respond as industry evolves and your needs shift.

For example our tourism sector is growing because we have an incredible natural environment, from our beaches and rivers to our ranges and famous walk and cycle ways.

This doesn’t just make the Waikato district a great place to live but ideally placed to attract visitors on their way South from Auckland – New Zealand’s primary gateway.

How will we know this has been achieved?

When you look back in 10-20 years’ time you will see we have invested in attracting a diverse range of local employment opportunities, many of which were built on our positioning in the centre of the golden triangle (bounded by Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton).

This positioning means we are a key hub of freight, logistics, manufacturing and distribution in New Zealand.

In collaboration with our neighbouring councils, central government and local stakeholders will have managed to attract the right jobs and training for our people.

As primary industries remain a priority in our district we will have readied ourselves and planned for continued growth and development.

In collaboration with local stakeholders we will have invested in tourism-supportive infrastructure to help meet increasing demand. This includes having a full range of places for visitors to stay.