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Asset Management Plans

It is our responsibility as Council to manage our District's assets and deliver its activities in a

  • cost-effective
  • sustainable
  • well-planned; and
  • coordinated manner.

Asset Management Plans describe the strategy that Council will follow to achieve the outcomes for our community based on the levels of service we have set.  
To maintain agreed service levels, Asset Management Plans are required due to the significant value of our assets. 

Each significant activity managed by Council has an asset management plan:

  • Three Waters (Water Supply, Wastewater, Stormwater)
  • Open Spaces
  • Solid Waste
  • Facilities
  • Transport

What does an asset management plan contain?

  • Indicates how each activity contributes to community outcomes by explaining key issues, goals, and objectives.  
  • Sets out how the Council will provide services to the public and what performance measures it will monitor to ensure these services are being delivered. 
  • Provides information on asset maintenance, asset replacement, and life cycle management. 
  • Describe any new projects or expenditures necessary to meet future demand. 
  • Explain how the management of the activity is funded and what the operating and capital costs are.  
  • Provide an overview of the activity's uncertainties and risks