We are taking a new approach to town master planning to help conduct more detailed planning across the entire district. This new approach is called Blueprints or Local Area Blueprints and it will help bring life to our vision of creating “Liveable, Thriving and Connected Communities”.

The Blueprints address growth, infrastructure, social, community, environmental, economic and transport issues. At a local level these are more detailed and specific to the place. At district-wide level these are articulated as networks. In combination, they serve as a strategic tool with which the Council, informed by the community, can determine a holistic and strategic approach with clearly defined priorities and actions.

The Blueprints will contain ‘Master Plans’ however these will be referred to as ‘Town Centre Strategies’. This is because a Master Plan can be misinterpreted as a fixed design, whereas Town Centre Strategies are designed to be flexible and adaptable.

About Blueprints

The concept of Blueprints has been pioneered by Kobus Mentz of Urbanismplus Ltd in New Zealand to help manage growth impacts and integrate community aspirations into Councils plans, policies and strategies. This is to determine a holistic and strategic approach with clearly defined priorities and outcomes. 

Council adopted a Blueprints proposal by Urbanismplus Ltd at an extraordinary Council meeting on 27 June 2018.

We need your help creating our Blueprints

We held community workshops in the northern part of the district in August where we gathered your thoughts on what your town needs to thrive in the future.

We are now holding workshops in the central and southern areas of the district. You can find the dates and locations below.

Your views are a vital part of creating Blueprints. If you want to see more parks, police or other social services, you need to come along to the public workshops and tell us so we know what is important to your community.


View frequently asked questions and if you have any further questions about the Blueprints, please bring these along to your closest workshop.

We are currently working on the content and this will be updated frequently as the Blueprint project progresses.