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Pōkeno Public Realm Concept Plan

Pookeno Public Realm Concept Plan

The purpose of the Pōkeno Public Realm Concept Plan (PRCP) is to support the rapidly growing residential community of Pōkeno by helping transform its town centre into a vibrant, people-focused community destination.

The PRCP builds a sequential plan that will take the Waikato District Council, Mana Whenua and Pōkeno community on a journey to develop a distinct and compact centre, reconnecting the existing residential community with its built and natural environments. While the population growth of Pōkeno has been exponential and calls for a radical transformation of the town centre, working with Mana Whenua, the existing community and business owners is fundamental to retain and enhance its identity. Council acknowledges the real opportunity to work in partnership with local stakeholders to achieve the outcomes sought in Pōkeno.

The document provides an aspirational and strategic approach to the future public realm of Pōkeno. The Plan balances the needs of the community with best practice urban design principles, and understands implementation requires a refined and nuanced approach. It is recognised that to execute the decisions outlined in the document appropriate discussions and engagement with Mana Whenua, the community, and land and business owners must occur.

The upgrade of Pōkeno Town Centre and the provision of new community facilities and amenities are priorities identified in the Waikato District Long Term Plan, with funding set aside for a number of key projects within Pōkeno.