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District Plan online 

Our ePlan is our new online view of our District Plans, including the Operative and Proposed District Plan.  

The new online view of our District Plans will replace the current plans on our website in approximately two weeks (mid-May 2024).

View the District Plan online

Note: The ePlan is designed for use on desktop computers and may not function correctly on mobile devices.

Need help?

Check out our user information below or contact our District Plan team. 

How to navigate the District Plan 

Policy documents are listed in the Table of Contents navigation panel on the left side of your screen.

To expand the Policy document to see further sections, click the arrow to the left of the document heading. Click a section heading to display.

To download a Policy document, select the document or a particular section, and click on the Download PDF button.  At the pop-up window, enter your email address and click on Email PDF.

Screenshot of new online view of our District Plans

How to search a section or word within the District Plan

Use the search bar at the top to look for words in a Policy document.

The search results will show with your word highlighted.  Click on a section to display that section of the Policy document.

Click on the search icon again to choose another section to display.

To close the search results, click on the X to return to the document content.

Screenshot of new online view of our District Plans

Using Definitions

Definitions are defined terms used throughout our District Plan.  Definitions are underlined in grey for easy identification.

Hovering over or clicking on the underlined word will display a ‘Definition pop-up’.

Screenshot of new online view of our District Plans

We want your feedback

What do you like and what can we do to improve the new online District Plan?

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