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The following aspects are covered under this theme in the Waikato District Blueprint.

District-wide needs

  • Several sporting facilities and reserves are in need of upgrades and need to be made fit-for-purpose.
  • Several arts facilities are in need of upgrades.  A strategy for this should be produced.
  • Access needs to library services with Hamilton City Council should be resolved.
  • A need for improved medical services within the community. This includes
    • The lack of DHB services should be addressed
    • Isolation issues should be better understood and addressed
  • The Toilet Strategy should be continued and implemented
  • The Youth Strategy should be continued and implemented
  • There is a lack in aged care facilities. A strategy for addressing this shortage should be determined
  • A social audit identifying which services are being funded and by who, which funding gaps exist and whether there is any duplication should be done
  • Safer communities initiatives should be supported. This includes
    • Forming partnerships between communities, police and Council to address vandalism
    • The rollout of CCTV
  • Improvements to lighting where needed.
  • A strategy for the clean-up of building frontages and streescapes in town centres and other key areas should be determined in order to back up and strengthen a ‘clean green’ image.

Council website and social media

Analysis and consultation identified that the accessibility of Council website and social media should be improved. The following should be considered:

  • Plans and policies for Council’s website should be progressed
  • External groups on the Council website should be better managed
  • Plans and policies for Council’s social media should be progressed.
  • The ‘clunkiness’ of Council’s website should be resolved

Local communications

It is proposed that a strategy for facilitating local communities in their website and social media communications be developed. The following should be considered:

  • Online ‘poverty’ areas should be identified by reviewing social media sites in local communities
  • ‘Champions’ within the community, who would be interested to learn what to do to establish a local communications network, should be identified
  • ‘Trainers’ in the community, who could work with the ‘champions’, should be identified
  • Social media restrictions with regards to ‘formal’ Council postings should be acknowledged.

Local community events

It is proposed that Council provide more support to local communities organising events. The following should be considered:

  • Council’s support role as contact for local community organisers
  • A digital events page could be of help with, for example, the following information:
    • Advice on how to run and market a successful event
    • Advice on traffic management, safety and other requirements
    • Advice on the district events calendar.
  • Council could resource this work by an Engagement Advisor, which is currently being established.