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The following aspects are covered under this theme in the Waikato District Blueprint.

Leveraging value off Non-Governmental Organisations and Not-For-Profits

In a time of greater pressure to do ‘more with less’, Council could benefit from better leveraging value off NGOs and NFPs for investment and effecting positive changes within the district. To this end it is proposed to prepare a strategy for Council to improve the way it:

  • Creates conditions for investment and savings
  • Attracts capital from grants and businesses
  • Influences the private sector to deliver positive outcomes
  • Enables interest and business groups to undertake initiatives within the district
  • Forms partnerships with external organisations
  • Uses catalyst investment to unlock growth or regeneration.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

During the Blueprint process it was found that GIS can be more effectively utilised by Council. There is more detail in the Draft Waikato District Blueprint under ‘Governance’ on this.

Devolution of management

Community feedback prompted the need to consider the local communities’ roles in the identification and management of local projects, which could include initiatives proposed in the Blueprint as well as possible others in the future. A stronger role may lead to:

  • Greater community engagement with their own place and community
  • Increased buy-in with what is happening
  • An improved relationship between Council and the local communities
  • Possible efficiencies and reduction of funding ‘leakage’.

In response to this, it is proposed that limited devolution of project management to Community Boards/Committees be looked into.

Proposed initiatives under this theme:

  • Prepare a strategy to better leverage off NGOs and NFPs
  • Determine ways of better utilising GIS services
  • Give the Blueprint status
  • Enable the devolution of the management of limited projects.