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Variation 1 Te Kowhai Airport OLS

The Te Kowhai Airport Obstacle Limitation Surface overlay is a three-dimensional area including distances from the Te Kowhai Airport runway as well as heights. The purpose of the overlay is to keep obstacles away from aircraft flight paths to ensure the safe operation of aircraft.

Variation 1 proposes to change the Proposed Waikato District Plan (2018) in two ways: 

  1. Replace the maps showing the Te Kowhai Airport Obstacle Limitation Surface overlay with new maps showing the overlay extending out to a distance of 2,500m from the runway.
  2. Amend text in Appendix 9 which is intended to make the appendix easier to understand. They do not change the intent of the appendix.

A rule controlling the height of buildings, structures, trees and vegetation applies to land under the obstacle limitation surface. 

Where the obstacle limitation surface is close to the ground there may be a practical effect on development potential of the land. 

For many properties, the height control due to the obstacle limitation surface will be over 40m above ground level, so the obstacle limitation surface will make little practical difference to those property owners.

Summary of decisions requested 

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