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The Point Reserve and Kiingitanga Reserve Management Plan


The Point and Kiingitanga Reserves, are key heritage areas of Ngaaruawaahia. These two adjacent reserves provide recreation and leisure opportunities for residents and visitors, as well as being highly valued for their cultural heritage and landscape features and values.

This reserve management plan provides direction for the future management, cultural development and use of these reserve areas.

The Reserves Act 1977 requires the preparation of this management plan.

Reserves Act management plans are an important park management tool. Management plans are developed in consultation with park users, community and key stakeholder groups, with consideration to current management of a reserve. A management plan will provide for continuity between legislative requirements, council plans and policies, and the day-to-day operation of a reserve.

A management plan for The Point and Kiingitanga Reserves (previously known as the Octagon) was first prepared in 1998. This is the first review of the original plan.

When adopted, this management plan and the Waikato District Council’s General Polices Reserve Management Plan 2015 will replace any previously prepared reserve management plan.

This management plan will be kept under continuous review to ensure that the policies are appropriate and relevant for The Point and Kiingitanga Reserves, with a comprehensive review should take place every five years.

Where identified in this plan, The Point Reserve will be referred to as “The Point”, and Kiingitanga Reserve will be referred to as “Kiingitanga”.